"My family's Vallejo legacy began with the great migration of my great-grandparents Charles and Mary Scales arriving in 1951 and Ada Jackson-Robinson in 1956, as they hoped to provide fruitful lives for their children. Education is one of our greatest values and it’s because of public schools that I thrive. "
Greater Accountability, Communication & Transparency


It's my priority to educate families and students on how to hold their schools accountable and encourage positive change. I will ensure that funding is spent as efficiently and effectively as possible making sure that schools with the greatest need receive the resources to support students. We will also need to research and apply best practices from neighboring high performing districts.​

Fostering Strong Teacher-Parent-Community Engagement

Our goal is to foster a collaborative relationship among teachers, students, parents and the community to improve education and literacy outcomes. This includes creating digital equity and providing social emotional support. We need to address trauma that many of our students experience through counseling, mental health services, behavior intervention, violence prevention, harm reduction and resilience skills support to promote wellness. 

Supporting English Learners
& Special Education

It's essential that we expand bilingual education for English Learners and ensure students of all abilities have access to education that meets their needs.

We will also recruit and retain quality language education and special education teachers through hiring incentives, mentorship and scholarship programs and professional development to promote from within.

Accessible College & Career Pathways
for All Students

To make C&C pathways accessible to all students we will need 21st century curriculum and to invest in partnerships with union apprenticeships, career technical education (CTE) and vocational programs that prioritize tech skills that lead to good paying careers. Collaboration with industry partners will help support affordable and sustainable programs.

Creating Inclusive Schools

Vallejo is one of the most diverse cities in California. It is important that we are teaching our students to acknowledge differing perspectives and understand the significance of restorative conflict resolution. Our teachers and staff will proactively model social and cultural competency with their interaction with peers, parents, students and the community.  


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